Cycling, riding motorcycles, and riding horses are three good examples of ways in which healthy men run the risk of causing their own erectile dysfunction. The pressure that you place on your genitals while riding a narrow saddle and especially when exercising could cause nerve damage and fertility issues.

Cycling is especially risky because it requires exertion while placing your weight on a very narrow saddle. The pressure of your weight and raising and lowering your legs places additional pressure on your vulnerable area and makes it more likely that you might suffer partial damage to your body.

Nerve Damage Might Cause Erectile Dysfunction

The constant and often focused pressure that cycling, motorcycling, and riding horses places on your groin and genitals can cause nerve damage. The nerve damage is reversible, of course, but it affects your erectile functions in the meantime.

Damaged nerves result in temporarily reduced sensitivity and a lessened capability to maintain erectile functions. The resulting erectile dysfunction could affect any male who spends a significant amount of time riding in a saddle – even those riding a cycling machine in a health club or gym.

The authors of a recent study done by Wroclaw Medical University in Poland concluded that the problem is so great that they urge cyclists to stand on the pedals for at least 10 minutes during every hour of cycling. The study assessed the physical effects on cyclists and concluded that the heat and pressure created on the groin area posed a significant threat to the erectile health of cyclists.

High Body Heat Also Affects Fertility

Another issue is the internal body heat created by riding a saddled object, like a motorcycle, bicycle, or a horse. The closeness of the genitals to the body can harm sperm cells and potentially render a rider impotent. Even wearing tight blue jeans could be enough to cause your sperm count to become lower and possibly render you temporarily impotent due to relatively high heat.

Knowing of the potential dangers to your fertility and erectile dysfunction could help you to avoid potential issues. Some minor precautions can help to stymie the problem and make it a non-issue. Those precautions include wearing loose clothing and relieving pressure on your groin while riding.