ErectiStim Plus Lite™

ErectiStim TM OTC home product under development (expect available for clinical studies summer 2020).

ErectiStim TM clinic use product FDA 510K market cleared for improving blood circulation and muscle motion
Link to FDA 510K market clearance > Click Here

Selected exosomes
Axolotl Biologix regenerative fluid from amniotic sourcing ambient temperature storage
BIO PRF centrifuge
Tissue Genesis USA adipose tissue processing system automatic
Manual adipose tissue processing kits
SynovaLife Los Angeles adipose tissue processing device non-enzymatic
Wharton’s Jelly

Recommended ErectiStim Plus Lite TM Treatment Protocol

1. Bioelectric stimulation 2X a week for 35 minutes for 4 weeks then if desired touch ups every 6 months with 2X treatments in a week.
2. 2mls of PRF mixed with either regenerative fluid derived from amniotic sourcing, and/or Wharton’s Jelly and/or selected exosomes 1X a month for 3 months and touch ups 1X injection session every 2 years.

Additive booster protocol…

3. Autologous myoblast (muscle stem cells) derived from patient’s own thigh muscle – 1X a month for 3 months mixed with PRF and regenerative fluid for 3 months and touch ups 1X injection sessions every 2 years.
4. Adipose tissued derived stromal fraction, stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells mixed with PRF and regenerative fluid delivery 1X a month for 3 months and touch ups 1X injection sessions every 2 years.

PRF gel is essential to reduce migration of fluids away from intended treatment location.

Biologics are delivered via careful slow infusion hand 5 minute injection into the penis corpora cavernosa via a simple standard hypodermic 2ml or two 1ml syringes and via a standard 26 or 27 gauge needle attached to tip. The penis and patient should be immobilized during this slow infusion session to avoid injury.

Note – Total volume of biologics composition is 2ml per injection session max of 1 per month for 3 consecutive months whether just PRF and amnio fluid or including booster additives of selected exosomes, Wharton’s Jelly, adipose derived stromal fraction and cells and/or immature myoblasts (muscle stem cells).